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About Elephant Heroes

Raising Awareness and Trying to Provent Extinction!

 We are a group of kids that have been working for 2 years on a campaign to help save African and Asian elephants from going extinct. Our goals are to educate people about the devastating problems these amazing animals are facing and try to fundraise money that we then send to elephant sanctuaries in both Africa and Thailand that have been working for years to provide safe homes for abandoned, tortured and injured elephants.
Through help from family and community we are trying to make a big impact on our world. We have learned in school and at home to stand up for what we believe in and to dream big. Join us on our journey!
Elephant Facts
  • Females elephants are called cows and males are called bulls.
  • Without an elder elephant in a herd, the herd will not survive. Elder elephants know migration paths and where to find water and food.
  • Female elephants are pregnant for 22 months before giving birth to their young.
  • African elephants are the largest land mammal in the world.
  • An average elephant life span is between 50 to 60 years however, when in captivity these numbers go down greatly.
  • Wild elephants typically feed on grass, roots, tree bark and fruit.
  • An elephants ears are used to help cool their body.
  • Their trunks are used to smell, pick up items, dig and spray.
  • An elephants tusks are used for ripping off tree bark, digging and fighting.