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Poaching Facts!
Did you know 96 elephants die every day? Every day elephants are being poached for their ivory  or hunt down for big game shooting. Poaching is illegal but is still happening. In fact, the United States is the 2nd largest market in the world for ivory trade. There have been partial bans put on ivory trade but there is many ways people are getting around it. Poachers target older elephants because they have the largest tusks and it also causes the rest of the herd to seperate and become confused and lost. Most of the time this also leads to baby elephants getting seperated from their mothers and captured for sale. By ending the demand for ivory and protesting against the sale of baby elephants we can help save these animals from dying off forever.
Deforestation Facts!
We all have known that over the years forests and jungles all over the world have been getting cut away for our way of life. Areas get cleared for space for more buildings and trees and plants get used for beauty products and medical benefits. As much as we count of these things in our lives we don't see the damage it is doing to the animals that need that land to survive. Elephants have natural migration patchs that they use to find water and food sources. When those areas are cut away they are losing their food source and end up roaming into villages. It has been shown that when elephants roam into villages they have a high change of being killed because the villagers feel that their life is at risk. As the older elephants are killed they take with them all the knowledge of where to find water and food which can lead a herd to die of starvation.